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My Medical ID for Android Wear

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My Medical ID for Android WearSave your important medical information to your Android wear. Information can be then accessed in the case of emergency. This can help a medical team to make quicker and more accurate diagnosis when time really counts.
My Medical ID consists of the phone software, which provides simple UI for saving your personal medical information to your android smart watch, and the android wear software that shows your medical information. There is no backend server, all the data will be saved locally and the app has no internet permission. It will not share or save data to any external database or to third party.
How to use:
Use the phone UI to fill in your medical information. Information will be automatically synced to your connected android wearable device while saving. If you have any problems, please let us know (
The user of the app will be responsible of the validity of the saved information.
My Medical ID contains following fields:
- Name - Date of birth - Height - Weight - Medical conditions If you have some medical issues that are important to know in case of emergency. For example, diabetes, a bleeding disorder, or asthma.
- Medications List your handy medical record here, including dosages, that you currently take. Some medicines may react badly when taken together, so the paramedics and doctors need this information before they give you anything.
- Allergies This is especially important if you are allergic to any medications, for example penicillin or other antibiotics.
- Blood type - Organ donor - Emergency contacts People you want to be informed, if you have an accident.
- Do you have a pet at home If you live alone and need hospital care, its important that your pet will also be taken care of.